The current global climate requires adequate planning on the issues of security & defence to reflect the growing dangers associated with protection of businesses, lives and livelihoods. At AMZ the partners have good knowledge and experience of the defence sector and can build teams to advice on strategies and procurements to suit your particular need. The insecurity that has typified the country, region and by extension the world can only be resolved with the right combination of tools in meeting to the needs of businesses and community. We rely on our deep knowledge, extensive network and strong alliances of professionals, consultants and organisations both local & foreign to provide the right framework to tackle our clients problems. Our ambition is to ensure a strong security and defence sector ultimately translating into a safe environment.


Nigeria has over the years seen the rise of cyber crime which has led to great losses for both individuals and businesses. Our team of network security experts can meet the most challenging needs with the right solutions, tailoring each requirement with its own customised architecture and providing the right defence to your systems. The terrorism that has typified parts of the country has led to the requirement for solutions that caters for wide ranging solutions for individuals, organisations and even the government. We at AMZ are uniquely set up to meet all these challenges