The growing concern for a desirable healthcare system meeting the needs of citizens cannot be over emphasised.  From research, to the construction of hospital, equipping and managing, nothing short of the best will do.  Our experts in this field have been providing support to the healthcare system in Nigeria for a number of years.  supporting foreign institutions looking to partner local bodies, introducing new & innovative ways of doing things.  Advising governments on strategies to achieve success or even equipping healthcare facilities to meet the needs of the teeming population.  Our team of professionals is made up of sector specific strategist to management experts that combine to provide the best solutions for this sector.  We integrate a knowledge based system with the practical skills of healthcare workers delivering as it were, customised solutions that meet the problem.  Our interest is to assist in making sure that clients and citizens get the right kind of medical advice, service and delivery at the time of need.


Nigeria is a food basket and the agrarian economy accounts for more than 60% of Gross Domestic Product.  We at AMZ are aware of the importance of this sector and adequately prepared in contributing to its development.  From government to the private sector we have organised our resources to provide solutions in enhancing productivity, management and delivery to ensure it meets the expectations of all stakeholders.  We combine people and technology to exceed the expectations of our clients reaching out to partners across the borders that could enhance the value of our contributions to this sector.  We look beyond our borders into Africa and can provide solutions to both government and organisations in their quest for development partners and modern methods of farming, finance, use of technology and market integration.  Through our alliances of experts and specialist AMZ is more primed to be he partner of choice in providing solutions to the agricultural sector of the global south.


A capital intensive venture requiring long term finance typified by a structured model that provides for safety, patience and returns would be an ideal AMZ model for mining.  The mining industry in Nigeria is still in its infancy of development but it is ever increasing in volume.  Foreign companies are queuing up for the opportunity to mine & explore, while local companies are looking for the right partners to engage.  AMZ consultants can bridge this gap with its enhance methods of identifying the right partners, setting up the right structure, providing the route to financing and connecting to market.


Nigeria is the 6 largest producer of oil and has ample gas reserves but still imports fuel into the country.  It is also under served by its power sector and there is a need for more investments in order to meet its needs.  This presents an opportunity for companies to take advantage of the industry as it evolves and currently undergoing reforms.  The need to be part of this growth plan is the motivating factor for AMZ positioning itself as a service delivery expert in advising on partnerships, financing, management structures and restructuring that will set companies apart.  Nigeria’s growth plan outlines key deliverables in the energy sector which requires strategic players.  Our team of consultants and alliances can be the driving force for these players to achieve success in this sector as it develops to become the key component in Nigeria’s drive to prosperity.


Our network of experienced housing specialist provide the solutions to meet the large shortfall in housing.  It is estimated that Nigeria has a deficit of more than 18 million houses and the need will only keep grow.  A combination of expert advice, affordable financing and the right building types & methods is the typical AMZ model for our clients.  We provide tailor made solutions to the complex problem of getting from the desirable state to meeting the actual need.  Our consultants have had many years working in both the public and private housing markets across the spectrum of design, construction and finance giving us the required edge in meeting the needs of our clients


AMZ has been at the heart of providing advisory and consultancy services to projects on rail, roads and other forms of transport in Nigeria.   The experience of our consultants extends to various aspects of the transport sector with the aim of redesigning processes to provide for efficiency and cost savings to both government and private sector.  We align with various sector specialist and experts both local and abroad in providing the right solutions and meeting the requirements of our clients.  The transport sector in Nigeria and Africa currently requires a lot of support and we are advising on infrastructure and also in other fields seeking finance and partners for an African maritime project and a global shipping fund.  Our vision in this regard is to support the development of a continent able to transform through an efficient network of road, rail , air and maritime transport.

Business/ Financial Services

There is an urgent need for businesses to face the new challenges  of the market place with good sources of funding and there is also a need for specialist financial company’s to look to managing the diverse assets in the economy in a profitable and sustainable way.  This will provide the right fit in a economy positioning all stakeholders for better days. At AMZ we recognise this need and have teams that can help advice, organise and arrange relationships that matter for our clients in this regard.  We identify the need for collaboration in the financial services sector of the economy and inter relate different organs in the public and private sector and providing a sustainable path of growth.   The 2015-2019 Economic Reconstruction and Growth Plan (ERGP) clearly outlines the direction of focus of government in its drive to be among the league of nations.  In the face of the recession but a growing population the opportunity exist for great benefits in all sectors of the economy.  AMZ has experts that can help your organisation to position itself to gain value and grow in the challenging business environment putting your business first among equals.

Government/ Public Sector

Changing the culture at the central point of any nation where the processes of policy and implementation takes place is a mission that AMZ sets out to achieve.  We collaborate with different agencies of government in helping them to achieve three set out objectives., We advice based on request and restructure based on need.  Our team of professional consultants who themselves have had public sector experience introduce new ways of addressing the issue of structuring and redesign systems and processes to make policy and decision making faster, effective and more enduring.  We introduce partnerships between the public and private sectors to enhance productivity gains and benchmarks for improved performance.  Collaboration, training, the use of technology, improving systems are some of the tools we employ.  At the heart of our vision is to transform public institutions making them more effective in their delivery, surpassing expectations and making them change agents.

Security/ Defence

The current global climate requires adequate planning on the issues of security & defence to reflect the growing dangers associated with protection of businesses, lives and livelihoods.  At AMZ the partners have good knowledge and experience of the defence sector and can build teams to advice on strategies and procurement to suit your particular need.  The insecurity that has typified the country, region and by extension the world can only be resolved with the right combination of tools in meeting to the needs of businesses and community.  We rely on our deep knowledge, extensive network and strong alliances of professionals, consultants and organisations both local & foreign to provide the right framework to tackle our clients problems.  Our ambition is to ensure a strong security and defence sector ultimately translating into  a safe environment.  Nigeria has over the years seen the rise of cyber crime which has led to great losses for both individuals and businesses.  Our team of network security experts can meet the most challenging needs with the right solutions, tailoring each requirement with its own customised architecture and providing the right defence to your systems.  The terrorism that has typified parts of the country has led to the requirement  for solutions that caters for wide ranging solutions for individuals, organisations and even the government.  We at AMZ are uniquely set up to meet all these challenges