AMZ Consultants Ltd seeks to help individuals and organizations maximize their efficiency. This stands as our vision. The mission is accomplished through the introduction of tools and techniques incorporating the principle of best practices to achieve desired bottom line indices for our clients. We seek to open doors and build bridges between development partners in order to bring deficit and surplus units together creating mutually beneficial relationships translating into a win-win situation for all parties concerned. We act as the key element in bringing together international businesses to partner Nigerian entities (and vice versa) to achieve increased, and sustainable business success. This service we also offer across the African continent 


We work hand in hand with organisations repositioning for growth and profitability. We also work with individuals at all levels of the management strata acting as advisers and coaches

Business Transformation

We Look at what clients do and restructure for efficiency and target performance. Basically, we introduce new and better ways of doing things.

Project Management

Designing frameworks for organisation of effort and providing a clear direction to implementation of projects. We address complex project work environments with systemised methods, ensuring objectives are achieved.