We work with individuals at all levels of the management strata (managers, senior managers, executives etc) as business advisers and coaches .  We also work with organisations in both public and private sector repositioning for growth, profitability, improved performance / service delivery

We look at what clients do and restructure for efficiency and target performance.  This is done by introducing new and better ways of doing things by collaborating, innovating, and seeking flexible and purpose-driven work environments and consistently improving employee experience in turn driving performance .

The art of Problem solving has been our forte.  Understanding the issues, designing appropriate plans, communicating and implementing solutions.  We therefore work with our clients in developing bespoke arrangements to suit their particular needs.

At AMZ Consultants we help businesses to support and innovate new business strategies in keeping to competitive standards, differentiating by innovating. As the current world of technological advancement requires perfect integration of systems and processes as the guiding light on the businesses route to success, we provide the key to the alignment of the required resources for enhanced productivity gains. 
The Process
We assimilate with the client, understanding their needs and the challenges in the environment .  We then identify their target and where they would ideally want to be and arrive at an analysis that will chart the course of action.
We then design customised and bespoke frameworks that will redirect their energy and effort towards enhancing their capacity towards their ultimate goal.  AMZ works across the value chain of management from the lower levels right to the top inculcating in the client organisation new ways of doing things better and redefining the meaning of success.
Complex problems require the best set of solutions which can only be provided by a combination of the right people and materials in the right environment using the most appropriate model.  We are here to help resolve this interpolation and give greater meaning to the word ‘efficiency’ .
In Delivery we recognise the need to collaborate and share in our experiences bringing out the best tools of application and integrating with resources from around the world in making individuals and organisations in Nigeria and Africa compare and compete with the best in performance and service delivery.

The frameworks, systems and designs that are eventually applied will be Chosen by the client , adjusted to their needs and adopted accordingly.